Puy du Fou theme park

Puy du Fou is one of the 'must see' attractions in the Vendée!

Puy du fou

At the French theme park, Puy do Fou, history is brought to life to educate and astonish in a fun extravaganza of events. The Puy du Fou Grand Parc is a magnificent medieval city with a 1900's market town with a huge amphitheatre where gladiators train and battle along with chariot races, falconry displays and jousting competitions.

For lighter entertainment you could venture to the Puy du Fou forest which has over 1000 wild and exotic animals. Another fantastic attraction at the Puy du Fou theme park is the Cinéscénie. The Cinéscénie is a thrilling 2 hour pageant with a cast of 2700, with more than 700 years of history unfolding in front of you, make sure you don’t blink and miss a century or two.

Puy du Fou rides and attractions


puydofou Gladiator
In the middle of a huge 115 meter in length Roman amphitheater, the gladiators stand ready for battle. Wild beasts are released into the arena as chariots charge forward head to head in race stance.

Here you can also experience the legendary Roman circus games and see the Knights jousting on horseback.

A Viking storm

puydofou Viking storm
A huge Viking ship surges from the rough seas whilst a battle takes place with flames and explosions roar from the vessel. The Puy du Fou Viking show is based around fierce Nordic warriors fiercly attacking a peaceful Fortress whilst interrupting the wedding of Cybèle and Aldéric, back in the year 1000.

The battle is filled with fantastic special effects as smoke billows from the watch tower and sworms of men take action in combat to storm the palace.

The Phantom Bird Dance

puydofou Phantom Bird Dance
Haunting memories are resarected from the ruins of a mysterious old castle.

Dozens of birds of prey surge out of the ghostly dungeon and dovecote for a unique and fascinating ballet in the sky.

Puy du fou’s Medieval City

puydofou Medieval CityTrek over the drawbridge and into the fortified city where you will discover all the rich variety of the Middle Ages, the know-how of craftsmen and enjoy the antics of the Minstrel Magicians.

18th Century Village of Puy du Fou
Let yourself be charmed by the cheerful atmosphere of this colourful village and meet our craftsmen: the potter, the blacksmith, the cabinetmaker, etc. Visit the wash-house and listen to the heady airs of the traditional musicians who lead you on a merry dance.

The secret of the lance

Puy du fou secret lance
After the Knights of the kingdom leave for Orleans, a young shepherdess (Marguerite) is left behind in a chateau.

Sudden attack could be imminent, so Marguerite train to discover the secret of a lance with magical powers which will help her in the thick of battle protect the enchanted battlements of the Chateau.

The Battle of the Keep

puydofou the battle of keep
It’s 1429 and you are guests at the Grand Chivalry Festival of the Puy du Fou®. Suddenly, giant war machines appear and you are surrounded in a scene of a fierce battle.

This incredible show features duels on horseback, equestrian feats and impressive stunts.

The Organs of Fire

Puy du fou organs of fire
Experience a poetic love story of water and fire. This is the Grand Parc’s night time show which will whisk you away on a magical journey.

Every evening, on Puy du Fou’s old Lake, romantic musicians appear in costumes with lights, as they perform and raise spirits to dance in the incredible symphony of water and fire.

Richelieu's Musketeer

puydofou_Richelieus Musketeer
Watch the rousing adventures of “Richelieu’s Musketeer” in a 17th century giant theatre. A fantastic swashbuckling show filled with dashing swordplay, daring horseback feats, flamenco ballets and fabulous special effects.

One of the most stunning spectacle ever performed in the Grand Parc.


puydofou light show
This is justifiably the greatest sound-and-light show in Europe.

In glorious summer open-air entertainment at Le Puy-du-Fou, this fantastic show uses sophisticated special effects to tell the history of the Vendée.
Booking this show in advance is recommended.

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