Parc Asterix theme park

Only 20 miles north of Paris, Parc Astérix is the second largest theme park in France!

parc asterix theme park

Full of wild thrills coupled with breath-taking live shows, Parc Asterix offers you more than 30 attractions specially designed to satisfy all tastes. Parc Asterix is especially well known for its large variety of roller coasters, and has rides and themes from historic cultures such as the ancient Greeks and the Roman empire.

Looking for a adrenelin rush? Then get on board Goudurix, a roller coaster which will turn your world upside down no fewer than seven times, and if that doesn’t impress you then how’s about Tonnerre de Zeus, one of the largest wooden roller coasters in Europe. Prefer to be spellbound? Parc Asterix has fantastic live shows including ‘Assurance fou-rire’ and the ‘heroes of the Gaulish Village’ along with ‘Stars of the Empire’ all thoughly entertaining and bound to have you in stitches.

Parc Asterix rides and attractions

La Gaulle zone

Experience the joys and life of Gauls at Parc Asterix. Try your hand at the ancient practice of Gallic slip, test the effects of the mystical potion, and train the youngsters to repel their Roman chariots hurtling into it. This area is full of fun and thrills! Attractions in La Gaule include :

Parc Asterix Menhirs expressMenhirs express – Get ready for Whirlpools, splashes and rolling as you voyage through tunnels and take a big drop on this fast and fun log flume.

par asterix village herosVillage of hero’s – The village of indomitable Gauls features Asterix and Obelix as well as many other favorite characters. Enjoy Dances, stunts, shows, and surprises.

parc asterix great splash rideThe great splash – This water coaster boat trip along a river is a paradise of aquatix effects leading into a sudden decent and a giant splash.

parc asterix bobsledThe Gallic gigantic bobsled - Get on board the Gallic bobsled which moves freely for you to enjoy the sensations of speed identical to those of a bobsled on a track of ice.

The Roman empire zone

Get Involved in the legion to spy on the Gallic camp unless you'd prefer to do a ride brought to you by centurions, or make the legion truant to walk in the heart of the Gaulish forest. Attractions in the Roman Empire include

Caesar’s testCaesar’s test – endevor rigorous training with 4 major challenges set by Caesar in order for you to infiltrate the indomitable Gauls camp.

parc asterix roman river rapidsRoman River – battle to survive the river rapids. Mad laughter and splashing a guarantee.

Ceasar coasterCeasar coaster – a fun decorative themed coaster ride, your mission, should you accept it, is to discover the formula for the magic potion developed by Panoramix. Fly above the village of indomitable Gauls to reveal the mysterious potion.

The Nocturnes GauloisesThe Nocturnes Gauloises! - Sensations guaranteed with a mix of rides to enjoy throughout the night : Among the 31 attractions on offer ... thrill with the amazing Russian Thunder Mountain of Zeus, chills guaranteed with seven loops of Goudurix ... all by night!

parc asterix petit trainThe Petit train – for little ones to enjoy a mini-tour in the heart of the forest of the Druids.

La Greece zone

In this area of Parc Asterix, the most valiant Zeus will face the clouds! On land, the dolphins offer a sublime ballet aquatix whilst young and old will embark on Ellis River. Attractions include :

galeo dolphin birthBirth of Galeo – a male dolphin cub named GALÉ0 joins in with the spectacular dolphin show experience.

Olympus roller coasterCompete with the Gods – Head to the top of Olympus and be prepared to dive headlong into a dizzying descent on this frantic roller coaster ride.

russian mountain coasterThe Russian Mountain - Board a strange winged missile to climb higher and higher to a thrilling decent on this Russian Mountain coaster.

voyage to the godsVoyage to the Gods – Join Asterix and Olympics on a voyage to discover ancient Greece. Sail through the Mediterranean gardens of Elis to meet Gods from afar.

enter the ledgendEnter the Legend - Join the legend and gain courage to experience a fast spinning car over 12 meters in height. Fear soon fades away whilst fun and laughter prevail.

The Vikings zone

Here you will find your courage is put to the test. The largest will be the ‘seven times upside-down’ roller coaster and then battling the storm in an incredible boat swing while at the edge of Long Ships. Attractions include :

GoudurixGoudurix – The crazy Gauls invented this fast adrenelin roller coaster, sit back and scream.

The GalereThe Galere – Beware the storm at high seas on this swinging ship.

dragonsThe Petit Drakers - Young adventurers face tremendous seas on board the Drakkar dragon's head. Small ride for youngsters.

flying chairsFlying Chairs –suspended swings allow children to experience the incredible motion of flight. (Maximum acceptable size: 1.40m)

Through time - zone

For the calm, return in 1900 to take a breath of fresh air in the sky. For action prefer the tumult of the 30s by attending the most spectacular heist of the century. And for humor, choose the Middle Ages with a ride fantastix for all ages. Attractions include :

OxygenariumOxygenarium – The oxygen purifying machine raises you to the height of 70 meters, then you are advised to take a deep breath because the descent of 195meters on a giant slide will seriously take your breath away.

Transdemonium dungeonsTransdemonium dungeons – Try to overcome your fear of ghosts on the Transdemonium dungeons ghost train. Scary sounds, sudden jerky braking, terifying witches and skeletons, that’s right your now under the control of evil spirits. Can you face the fear?

Les Chevaux Du RoyLes Chevaux Du Roy - This beautiful carousel is filled with wooden horses bringing children’s dreams of horse riding to life.

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