Gardaland, the biggest theme park in Italy.


Gardaland theme park in Italy has been entertaining children for over 20 years with fun activities, characters and rides to suit all ages and nationalities. Gardaland is officially the biggest theme park in Italy filled with roller coasters, numerous water themed rides, laser rides and entertaining shows for all ages. Located on the beautiful banks of Lake Garda it is the ideal holiday destination for any family, couple or fun loving enthusiast. The theme park is based in Castelnuovo del Garda, between Lazise and Peschiera. The nearest airport is less than 20 km away in Verona with airlines such as British Airways,, Air France, Thomson Flights and Luthanasia offering numerous routs across the UK and Europe.

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Gardaland rides and attractions

Raptor Roller Coaster

NEW FOR 2011 This new unique roller coaster is like no other in Europe. Raptor is constructed so that you dangle from its wings and therefore sit on the same level as the coaster track. Experience the thrill of extreme speed in a chilling flight that narrowly misses obstacles that stand in your way.

Arctic 4D

This Gardaland 4D experience is a thrilling adventure to the Polar ice lands of the Antarctic. The icy winds, the heavy snow and the scary darkness along with terrifying unexpected events will have you wanting more after this incredible journey.

4D Himalamazon

An expedition of the HIMALAMAZON mountains. Be prepared to Experience an adrenaline-filled ride on a formidable tree trunk through the impassable mountains. Haunted mine ride: Be prepared for a terrorising ride into the darkness of the Indian lands as you enter the formidable ruins of the Haunted Mine Train Ride.


Inferis is a hell themed horror house with a truly frightening maze of terror. Be prepared to face an adrenelin of fears as you walk through the 15 sinister set of the terrifying maze. Your audacity will be under examination when entering the gates of hell, where terrifying devilish creatures will be waiting for you amongst flames, swamps, poisonous fog and other special effects. This event crawls with shocking "live" presences, and gruesome individuals ready to "send shivers down the spines". Due to the nature of this experience Inferis il labirinto del terrore is strictly forbidden for those under the age of 14. (this attraction mirrors the ‘Pasaje del terror’ experience in Blackpool, Madrid, Barcelona and London…but even scarier and shocking)


Mammut is the largest family roller coaster in Europe! This truly amazing coaster is full of twists, turns and excitement as you thunder through mountainous ice lands. The ice lands theme is truly remarkable with lots of imaginative landscapes and snow effects lying await.

Ramses II

Ramses II is an epic reconstruction of the Abu Simbel Temple at Gardaland where a technological battle takes place.

To build up the scene, a research Group known as UFOlogy is called in to assess the unexplained events of blinding flashes , collapsing walls, and sculptures unpredictably cracking all due to an alien force. The mission is to deactivate the incredible flow of energy, present inside the temple is priority before Pharaoh Ramses II wakens and the energy becomes uncontrollable! All of humanity is in danger so Join the U.R.G and arm yourself with special laser swords to participate in Europe’s greatest laser battle ever to be designed for an indoor attraction.

Colorado boat

All on board the colorado log flume boat where you will be a hunter, pioneer or discoverer in search of gold exploring a majestic landscape surrounded by green conifers and mystifying waterfalls.

Fuga Da Atlantide

The adventure and myth of atlantis. Aboard a boat to explore the mysterious world of Atlantis with it’s temples, portals, inscrutable warriors and two dizzying descents. Gardaland rediscovers and brings to light the myth of the mysterious lost land.

Giostra cavalla

Just like in Paris a hundred years ago, a colossal merry-go-round, one of the biggest in Europe, all in red and gold. An elegant wheel with horses and white curtains that awaits you to slowly start going round in circles, in a true fairytale manner.

I Corsari

Set sail on the largest galleon of the seven seas and enter an extraordinary adventure of the pirate world. Amongst the sailors are brave men, adventurers in search of treasure, but beware of the dangerous scoundrels.


Icarus is a thrilling ride that sets you on a spinning experience inside a whirling pod. Stay suspended in the sky held up by nothing and feel the thrill of top spin.
“Top Spin is the thrill of spinning inside a whirl non stop”

Jungle rapids

Discover the mysteries of the ancient civilisation. Follow the windy impetuous river whilst ferocious animals of the forest watch over you. Be on guard for the awakening of Buddha before you enter the cave of the enormous erupting volcano and discover what else lies in store.

Magic house

As you stumble across what seems to be a magical dwelling you can’t resist to see what is inside. As you enter the fascinating magic house a mysterious wizard awaits and he is raring to show you the astonishing power of his magic. Feel rooms turn and sway inside the Mad House, as the wizard redefines the natural laws of logic and physics. Sounds, lights and special effects will captivate you for a great thrilling adventure.

Magic mountain

Hold on tight to your seat because Magic Mountain will make you hold your breath. You will be launched up in a whirl in a truly evolutional thrill. Two complete loops, two sideway spins in an acrobatic circle, making your adrenaline level rise.

Transgardaland express - monorail

Board the Trans Gardaland Express for a great way to roam the lands of Garda. Discover curve after curve all the marvels of the largest theme Park in Italy. Suspended up high you get to see fantastic sights from the express monorail.

Sequoia adventure

The Sequoia adventure at Gardaland is a upside down roller coaster that has many thrilling turns to leave you dizzy. Experience the feeling of weightlessness and falling through the air as you rip through the twists and turns.

Space vertigo

The space shuttle is under an extraterrestrial attack. The only way of salvation is to escape towards the top of the launching tower which is a good 40 metres high ready to launch oneself into space.

Spongebob 4d

For those who love the quirks of Spongbob’s underwater fun land, this experience lets you join in with the sea sponge in a powerful adventure of the ocean. The impressive 4d adventure is filled with fun, laughter and amazement.

Fantasy Kingdom

Finally there is also a land designated to the youngsters at Gardaland, filled with smaller rides, plenty of fun and lots of characters.


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